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We implement various energy efficient processes to forward our promises towards a sustainable future.

    Energy Saving Scheme:

  • Generating own power with 2 gas generators producing over 1.5 MW electricity. Florescent lamps have been replaced with energy savings CFL lamps.
  • We expect to save more than 1 KW /line and achieve better illumination, lesser heat and better work environment.CNG (Compressed Natural Gas, Green Fuel) is used in most of our Vehicles, to save around 600 Liter Octane/Diesel per day and reducing emissions. Heat Recovery Dyeing Steam (Condensate Return) to save energy
  • Frequency inverters are used, wherever possible, to save electricity. Considering an investment of US$ 44,000 that is expected use reduce load by 300 KW.
  • Collecting rain water and it into the oxidation tank (WTP). We expect to use our pump half a day during coming rainy seasons.
  • We have installed high transparency sheet in storage area tin shed & Dyeing production hall.
  • Evaporative cooling system in place of Air conditioning –use of lowest energy systems and equipment available in region

Toatal Carbon Emisssion & Fabric Production at IAL

  • CO2 in ton
  • Fabric Production in ton