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The Interstoff fabric division is equipped with the best of knitting, dyeing and finishing machineries from Europe and Asia with a capacity of 30,000 kgs per day. With a continuous innovations in new yarns, new processes - our fabrics and processes have been repeatedly recognized by customers to be environmentally responsible and of world class. The fabric laboratory is certified by M&S, H&M, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc. Our fabric portfolio includes:


  • Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Pima
  • Supima
  • Mercerized
  • Space dyed
  • Neppy
  • Gassed
  • Viscose Modal
  • Tencel
  • Cotton-Viscose
  • Cotton-Modal
  • Cotton-Tencel
  • Injected
  • CVC
  • CVC Siro
  • PC
  • CPV
  • Linen
  • Poly Linen

Circular Knits

  • Plain jersey & derivatives
  • Pique
  • Waffle
  • Drop needle Rib
  • Plain rib & derivatives
  • Plain interlock & derivatives
  • Bubble knit Jersey
  • S/J feeder stripes
  • Double jersey feeder stripes
  • Single jersey engg. Stripe
  • Double jersey engg. stripe
  • Pointelle rib
  • Heavy jersey
  • Plated jersey
  • Neppy jersey
  • French terry
  • Fleece
  • Slub fleece
  • Fancy fleece
  • Creepy Terry
  • Samba Jersey
  • Terry
  • Double Face Jersey

Flat Knits: Collar & Cuffs - Plain, Ripple, Scallop, Tipping

Finishing Route: Both Open-width & Tubular Finishing Range

Special Finish:

Stain Away Recommended for the "soil‐release" treatment of fabrics in cotton specially used for school wear and kids wear.

Stay new look The fabric will remain new with good hand feel up to 20 washes.

Skin Kind Protest Of Microorganisms attack, any bacteria & fungus can’t stay on treated fabric.

Wicking finish Reduces the surface tension - improves wetting out and penetration, applicable for sportswear.

Liquid Finish Improves the natural properties of softness, lusture, comfort of cotton.

Oil & Water Repellent Finish Has the property of water repellence and resistance. Easy iron/ Easy care.

Easy Care Finish Includes some properties of Soil Release and water repellent, Easy Iron/ Easy Care.

Bionic Finish Specific property of Soil Repellent, Water Repellent, Breathable property, Durable color in prolonged washes, Easy Iron/ Easy Care.

Flame Retardant Finish When fire starts, this finish reduces the burning rate, providing valuable extra time to escape.

Stretch & Recovery Finish Flexible and Elasticity, Soft and lofty.

Cool & Fresh Finish Combination of “Anti Microbial” & “Moisture Management” finish.

Cool and Comfort Finish Combination of high rate of “Wicking” and “Evaporation”, Vastly used in sportswear.

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