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The very best thing we do is to articulate the designer's fantasy to reality. Our embroidery units facilitate all clothing concerns in the group with high competency, offering both machine and hand embroidery. Stitched with 30 Barudan and Tajima machines including 10 siquin attachment facility, we embroider over 1.5 million pcs every month.
Our hand embroidery section is well-resourced with 100 hand stitch workforce. We offer a genuine art of embroidery that has become an essential section of apparel industry. We proudly present our export quality items embroidered in our Embroidery unit.

  • Embroidery Capacity
  • Anam Clothings Ltd. 50,000 Panels/ Day
  • South East Textile (Pvt.) Ltd 10,000 Panels/ Day
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