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Our Lab

Our Laboratory offers a broad range of testing facilities for all types of men's, women's and children's wear. Interstoff Lab is asking for the in-house lab accreditation from the customers.

We offer below testing facilities:

  • Dimensional change to domestic washing & drying
  • Spirality/ Skewness/ Twisting
  • Mass per unit area or mass per unit length
  • Martindale Pilling
  • Bursting Properties of Fabrics
  • Colour Fastness to Washing
  • Colour Fastness to Water
  • Colour Fastness to Rubbing
  • Appearance After Laundering
  • Print Durability
  • Pilling (Pilling Box Method)
  • pH of Aqueous Extract
  • Colour Fastness to Perspiration
  • Wales & Courses Per Unit Length
  • Attachment Pull Test
  • Care Label Wash
  • Colour Fastness to Saliva
  • Colour Fastness to Phenolic Yellowing of Textiles
  • Colour Fastness to Light
  • Colour Fastness to Oxidative Bleach Damage
  • Hydrolysis of Reactive Dyes
  • Stay New-Knitted Fabric
  • Stay New-Knitted Garment

Certification of Interstoff Lab:

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